The Lazy Shawlette

The Lazy Shawlette

South Bay Shawlette by Lion Brand Yarn


Needle and yarn

5.0 mm (H)

Dark Peacock blue


I don’t have mohair, but i’m using a very thin wool blend.
Colour of the scarf is this dark peacock blue/green, though it is not really evident from the picture.
Done with the scarf. Now, i just have to block it!
Edit: I finally got down to blocking it on March 24th. And, it is gorgeous! Planning to wear it for Easter.
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I recently quit my corporate job after spending about 5 years working as an editor. Before I even think of taking up something else, I’m rewarding myself with a few months of ‘me’ time. I hope to finish a few projects that remain unfinished since my wedding, besides showcasing a few new ones.
It feels so good to really put down your own words instead of just modifying someone else’s!
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