Chocolate in a bag!


 This year is my grandmom’s 70th birthday and I decided to make her a present rather than buying her something as firstly she is very finicky and usually wants to exchange presents and secondly I was out of ideas for new presents. 

I chose the Swag bag by Marcelle’s Creative Crochet as my bag, as it looked small and I thought I could modify it to suit my grandmom’s tastes. The bag has been purposely kept free of other embellishments as my grandmother is very particular about colours and may not appreciate too many doodads on it.

Without the handles

I largely followed the pattern; only thing, I couldn’t make the required number of hdc rows as I was running out of yarn very quickly (I still had to finish the edging) and the shop had no more in the same shade. I went through 6 cones of the silk thread as I crocheted holding 2 strands together.

Even with my slow crocheting and the bout of bad health, I finished the bag in 3 days, with another few hours for lining and fixing handles, clasps etc. The final bag is a little heavy and small, but has come out in a lovely chocolate colour. The pictures do not do portray the colour properly at all.

My local yarn shop did not stock bag handles, so I bought 2 aluminum rings and covered them with golden silk thread, making sure the thread was wound very tight with no loose spaces.

The toughest part of the bag was definitely the lining. I’ve never lined a bag before and doing it by hand is just so timec onsuming! I also added metallic push buttons for fastening.
As I struggle with the lining
 and the handles 

When I showed my mom the finished bag, she tried very hard to claim it as her own, and only relented when I promised to make her one of her own! More about that later.

I completely forgot to take pics after I finished the bag as I was in a hurry to go out (as usual) and I’d already sent the bag with my mom so that she can give it in case I don’t make it on her birthday. I’ll put up more pics when I go over this weekend.
I’ll also show off pics of my mom’s bag when I finish it. Though I’ve taken on so many projects right now I don’t know when that will be.

EDT: I’ve added pics of the completed bag.

clasps added too

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