Beaded Crochet Necklaces

Purple = mine!

As mentioned earlier, I used to love playing with beads. I was looking for a way to marry my love for beads with my new-found love for crochet, when I came across this Easy Beaded Crochet Technique by Amy Solovay. I used that technique and created a few necklaces of my own.

Materials used:
Nylon thread for the base
Crochet thread for the accent
Appropriate crochet hooks

A close up of the thread work.

Though the technique shown largely used thicker thread, I stuck to using finer thread as it let the focus remain on the beads rather than on the thread. I am going to try it with thicker thread in case I use the same technique for an applique or something similar.

The first one (purple beads) took me about 2 hours to make as I was learning and refining my technique as I went along. The beads are purple, with black thread work as accents. I was rather happy with it, though I regret that it is a little short.

For mommy!

The second one I made for my mom. She loves all things red and I hope she likes the chain I’ve made. Plus, her birthday is coming up in a few weeks and this will go wonderfully with the material I bought for her. She has already seen the material, so this should be a surprise. The beads were translucent and real shiny. The colour is best represented in the last pic – where Nemo is modelling it.

I realized that the necklaces look very different with different bead types. The purple beads were largely oval in shape with some shaping on the surface, while the red ones were square beads.
I even tried it with circular beads, but the crochet chains tend to slip off the bead and bunch up together.

Close up of the red chain

The thread work was best visible with the square ones and also stayed well on either side.
Lesson: Beads with flatish sides work best to showcase the thread work.

Even then, my husband asked me to pick up beads of the first kind for his sister. I shall post the pic of the completed necklace as soon as it is done. I was making this to make up for another project that I had started for her and finished even, but the final size was rather small; it would barely fit a child’s hand.

Hope you liked them!

Copyright Rohini Joseph

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