Just strung – Beaded keychains

The ‘V’ is only prominent in the light. Perfect for a guy.
Before I took up crocheting, for a very long time I was an avid beader. I haven’t done much beading in the past few years, but still carry my bead box wherever I move. My projects were usually based on patterns and I’ve made a bunch of earrings, chains and bracelets and even a few purses. I’ve even made a few original chains which I shall put up pics later.
Anyhow, to the topic at hand: We had people visiting in Jan this year and with only one week to go before they left for home, I realized that while I spent considerable time and effort for the kids’ gifts, I hadn’t really given the couple anything!

We were looking for some small keepsake that could be personal, and even wouldn’t take up too much space. Too tied up with work to go shopping to look for things, I suggested that I make them small keychains that could be personalized. At that time I was optimistic that I’d be able to finish them in time (mind, I still had to assemble the kids’ scarves, besides the regular household chores and work).
We chose white and red for my sis-in-law and shades of blue for the bro-in-law.
The keychains were supposed to be in brick stitch, which allows lovely shapes as long as you get the technique right. The keychains would be rectangular, with the person’s initial in the centre. The letters were inspired from the picture on this page.
The first one I made for my sis had to be cut up as I found an error in the letter. However, I only have pictures of that combination as I finally finished the keychain while waiting outside their place, just before I presented them!

 The blue one I managed to get pictures of after I completed it.

To finish the keychain, I attached one end of the rectangle to the key ring and fastened it by going round the two a few times. 

I was rather happy with how they turned out. I plan to make a few more as and when I get the time! 

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