A scarf is requested

Ready for the wearer!
After making those scarves for my nieces, my husband requested that I make him one too. Considering all the running around he did with me while we bought materials and approved/rejected designs for the earlier scarves, I decided he ought to be rewarded. The fact that we were currently going through a cold wave also helped things in his favour.
He ideally wanted a simple single crochet scarf (yes, he sort of knows the difference!), but I wanted to experiment.
After a lot of searching I settled on the Paul’s “Sweet Guy” Scarf at Wolfcrochet!

I couldn’t really follow the pattern to a T as after chaining the prescribed number, it was only 2 feet long (all because shops here do not follow the weight method for defining yarn!). Instead, I kept adding chains till it was the desired length and then went on to row 2.

Trying out colour combinations
It is Long!
My scarf had lesser rows as he didn’t want something too wide.
After a lot of setbacks – we ran out of colour, the shop didn’t stock that type of yarn anymore, etc – I finally finished it about 2 weeks later. The final length was about 5ft (152cm) and width about 8″ (~21cm).
I also added a border along the breadth in the last colour, more so to cover my mistakes than anything else! 🙂
Needless to say he loved it! Though, he hasn’t worn it as yet, as it is back to being hot here. Hopefully he’ll use it at our upcoming trip.
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