Animal scarves

My version of the puppy scarf
I recently met my nieces for the first time this month. They’re 9 and 2 and amazingly share the same birthday!
My husband and I had never met the younger one, while the elder one was a preschooler when her parents moved to the US. As a fledgling crocheter, I was looking for projects to hone my skills, while also coming up with personalised gifts for them. We decided to make scarves for the kids as they are easy and can be used even later. My pictures aren’t very good as our cameras are horrible! Note to self: Buy a proper camera.

For the elder one I came across this lovely Wiener puppy scarf by randomheartsx on crafster (Click here for her pattern). I modified the pattern a little bit as I wanted to try out different stitches and give it a little more texture.

I came across this amazing pic on  Showtellshare. These scarves were actually knit, but I decided to make up something similar in crochet.
Our inspiration
We’d recently adopted a kitten and in that heady new parent phase, my husband suggested I make a kitten scarf (click here for pattern) for my younger niece. She is all of 2 years, and cute as a doll!

It took me about 2 months to finish this, what with a few miss tries when I learnt to change colour properly and a bunch of other projects on hand. In the end, I was rather happy with how it looked; there were hardly any ugly ends floating about!

Kitten scarf, before the ends were tucked in
The lil porker all ready for its new owner
However, we weren’t very happy with the feel of the scarf and decided to make another one. We only had a month or so before the kids were to visit and we were worried if there would be enough time.
The lil piggy just seemed to call out to us as we looked at the picture wondering what to attempt next and that’s what we went with finally.
I am very glad we made the pig (Click here for the pattern). As we found out later on, the little one just loves anything pink. Bonus!
I couldn’t finish it in 1 month though, and just about managed to finish it in two. The week before we gave them away was crazy!

We finally decided to give all three scarves to the girls so they could use them jointly. The puppy and the piggy were almost the same length, while the kitten was rather short.

Mr Piggy and Miss Kitten getting ready for their new owners
I hope to add a few more pics once their mom sends me some with the kids. 
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