Cake Walk

This is the first story i ever wrote for The Word.

My love of cakes is my Achilles’ heel. In Mumbai, a visit to the cake shop was a frequent affair. Once in Chennai, I have been hard pressed to find a place that supplied moderately good cakes—until a friend took me to ‘Sweet Chariot Café’ for my birthday.

This quaint little café is tucked away in a corner of Ispahani Centre. It is my new haven. I liked their cheese cakes and mousse cakes, though the other things on offer were not bad. In beverages, I recommend the mocha though my companion hated it.

What could be a minus for this two-level eatery is the slow service. The staff had to be reminded a couple of times before they got our orders. To pass the time we listened to loud music courtesy SS music. The big bay windows that line the wall on both levels are another source of entertainment what with the unadulterated view of the empty parking lot and the road ahead.
If you are looking for a quiet corner, try the seating on the first level. The area is comfortable and offers a lot of privacy. The seating on the lower level faces the open kitchen. It is something that can be avoided, especially if you are here to unwind after a busy day.
The café has a limited selection, especially for vegetarians. Black forest and chocolate truffle are the only cakes on offer while savories consist of a few samosas, puffs and pizzas.
The pricing is on par with other cafés. The visit set us back by about Rs 120; we each had a pastry and a drink. I hoped to get a few things delivered at home, when I learned that they did not do home deliveries. A well thought out ploy by the management to ensure regular footfalls?

123/124, Ispahani Centre,
Nungambakkam High Road,
Chennai – 600 034

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