Recently, I got chatting with a boy who lives in Mumbai. He was coming down to Chennai for a few months and needed someone to show him along. For some reason he thought I would be the right person what with me having lived here for about 3 months (on Saturday). I agreed. How difficult can a city be after you have lived here for so long (right?).

I met these guys on Sunday finally. A full day after they had landed in the city. Out of options, I asked them to meet me at, where else? Spencer’s. After an hour whiled away having horrible coffee and juice, we didn’t know what to do.
That’s when it hit me. Am clueless about this city! Been here for so long and I knew nothing!
Luckily for me I had this list of coffee shops handy. We finally went to this lovely place called Amethyst (thankfully I knew where it was located). Other roommates had given me rave reviews of the place and I was keen on checking it out. 
A converted bungalow, Amethyst is a relaxed place to be. The architectural style is colonial and once inside it feels like you are transported to another place. Though being a Sunday the place was moderately empty unlike local café’s where it is a jostle for space. A reason could be that the food there is priced on the higher side.
The waiters more or less leave you alone and hours could be spent chatting while mulling over your food and drink. Unless of course you are in a hurry. 
We made the mistake of ordering food especially the pastas. They were unpalatable. 
The sandwiches were ok, though the mayo kept falling and making a mess. Not a good way for food to be eaten! 
My friends tell me that the place has better desserts. Going to check that out the next time I need a peaceful place to go to.
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