Being part of a college (if one can call it that) that has people from all over the country and a few from outside as well has been an interesting experience. It has been a few months in this new city and suddenly it feels like home. The language may not make any sense to me but have learnt to ignore that.

This realisation came one fine morning as we were speeding to college (late as usual!) and the streets seemed familiar. It could have been that i have been seeing the same road everyday for the last 40 days while sitting on someones lap (that’s another experience all together) but even then the city didn’t feel foreign to me.
Anyways in the days that i have been here, I have been forced to mix around with women and lemme tell you it is not as bad I thought it would be. There are actually a few people who I have grown to love. The ones I have grown to hate are a rather small number.
What has been the most enlightening experience since i have been here is that after a while nationalities don’t matter at all. There are a good number of people here from different South Asian Federation countries and now unless of course the profs remind us we don’t even care. The whole alien thing that was a worry earlier has been completely obliterated.
Lets see how many more notions are rid in this year at ACJ.

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